Matzo Rocky Road Sandwich Bites ❘ Vegan & Kosher

This recipe makes 6 sandwich bites.

Note: You will not need an entire package of any of the ingredients, however, these items can only be purchased in packages. If you wish to make more than 6 sandwich bites, you will have more than enough ingredients to do so.


1 package Streit’s Unsalted Matzo Crackers

1 package Enjoy Life Dark Morsels (or semi-sweet)

1 package Dandie’s Marshmallows (original size)

1 package lightly salted roasted almonds (Stop&Shop brand is labeled Kosher)


  1. Take out 6 Marshmallows and put aside
  2. Take out one sheet of Matzo, and break it up, creating 12 pieces that are roughly the same size as the marshmallows
  3. Place a piece of the broken Matzo on the top and bottom of each marshmallow, creating a sandwich (like s’mores)
  4. Take out 12 almonds and put aside
  5. Pour half the bag of dark morsels into a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave in 30 second increments, mixing in between, until the chocolate is fully melted (roughly two minutes)
  6. Let the chocolate cool enough to handle (only takes a minute or so), then pick up the Matzo-marshmallow sandwich, and roll it around in the chocolate until it’s fully covered (This can get really messy, and keeping the marshmallow and Matzo together is a little tricky, so be prepared to get chocolate all over your fingers!)
  7. Place the sandwich bite onto a non-stick mat, or parchment paper, then quickly top with two almonds while the chocolate is still melty
  8. Coat the rest of the sandwich bites, placing almonds on top as you go
  9. Let the sandwich bites fully cool at room temperature, until the chocolate is solid again (I left mine out overnight)
  10. Store in a ziplock bag or air tight container until ready to eat or serve

Tip: If you’d rather not wait overnight for the chocolate to harden, place the bites in your fridge four an hour or so. When the chocolate solidifies, take them back out, and let them reach room temperature again, so the marshmallows aren’t hard.

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