My Vegan Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad

This recipe makes one large bowl of chickpea ‘tuna’ salad; about four to five cups.


1 15.5oz can chickpeas
2/3 cup vegan mayo (Follow Your Heart)
1/3 cup Craisins
3 celery sticks
5 pickle slices (Claussen)
1/2 tablespoon dried dill (fresh will work too)
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic


  1. Drain all the liquid from the chickpea can, and thoroughly rinse the chickpeas in cold water for a few minutes in a strainer
  2. Add the chickpeas to a large bowl, then use a potato masher to mash the chickpeas until they are mostly smooth, but with a few textured chunks
  3. Finely dice the pickle slices and thinly slice the celery sticks
  4. Add the pickles, celery, Craisins and vegan mayo to the bowl with mashed chickpeas, and mix until everything in the bowl is coated with mayo
  5. Add the dill and granulated garlic, then mix again until the seasonings are evenly mixed throughout the salad
  6. Store in the refrigerator, covered for two to three days

Tip: Enjoy as is, or in a sandwich!

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